Oral steroids

What are Oral Steroids? An overview on orals

Oral steroids are, as implied, steroids that you take orally. Normally these are found in pill or tablet forms, though liquid droplets are also sometimes used. They are most commonly compared to injectable steroids, and while distinctly different, both share primary effect of increasing muscle mass, improving recovery, and to bolster athletic performance.

Common oral steroids include:

Anadrol, Anavar, D-bol (Dianabol), Winstrol, Tren (Trenbolone), and more!


Generally it is understood that oral steroids will begin interacting with your body faster because of their overall shorter half-lives. This means that not only will your oral anabolics begin working faster, it also means it clears from your system faster than injectables as well, making them ideal for athletes who are concerned about drug testing or for those who are using PED’s on a tight time table. On the flip side of this coin, since it is clearing your system faster, it also means that regular dosing is required. With orals you will need your doses on a daily or EOD basis, while with some injectables you only need weekly injections.


While the effects of orals are seen quicker, they are also considered more liver toxic to the body (common for steroids in the 17-AA class), so long term athletes concerned about longevity and health may want to consider injectable alternatives. Just like injectables, orals share more or less the same cons, which include things like: acne, high blood pressure, hair loss, etc. That said, there are some excellent support supplements available on the market that can improve the function and protection of your liver. A little bit of milk thistle along with your PCT can go a long way in protecting your body from the damage oral steroids can create.


Oral steroids are extremely popular for good reason. You have great mass and strength builders like D-Bol, which can be toxic, and you have things like Anavar which can be great for maintaining mass through a cutting cycle and is generally considered very mild. With so many options and varieties, it’s important to know your body and to do your research so you get the best and safest results possible.

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