How to Inject Anabolic Steroids

​Learn everything you need to know about injecting anabolic steroids including proper hygiene tips, popular injection sites, injection guide, and more!

How to inject steroids?

Injecting steroids is a pretty straight-forward process that is much more intimidating than it actually is. Once you’ve done it once or twice, you realize it’s an extremely quick and easy process and when done correctly is virtually painless.

The first thing you want to do is get your supplies ready. Besides your anabolic gear, you’re going to need needles, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and regular sized bandages. For needles, most common is gauge sizes 23-25, with 23 being the most common, and going for a regular 1” (1 inch) is perfect for just about any purpose, though feel free to go longer or shorter depending on your personal situation.

After you’ve chosen your injection site, which will get into a little later, prepare it by swabbing the area with an alcohol soaked cotton ball to sterilize the area. Using your syringe and needle, you want to pull in roughly as much air as you plan on pulling steroid into your syringe. Then, place the needle into the gear of your choice and extra the dosage you need, plus a little extra.

After the above process is complete, you want to hold the needle and syringe upward and squeeze the left over air out while lightly flicking or tapping the side of the syringe. This will cause any air bubbles to go to the top and escape, and ideally you want a bit of your gear to shoot out during this process, as it’s important to remove all air during this process.

Now, using another alcohol soaked cotton ball, sterilize the needle itself by rubbing the needle thoroughly. Finally, take the needle and plunge it into the muscle you’ve chosen to put your dose into. Once it’s firmly in your muscle, don’t inject right away.k Before you do, you must do a process called “aspirating”, which means pulling the plunger of the syringe back a bit. If you see blood, this is a sign that you need to pick a new spot and try again as you have hit a blood vessel or maybe even a vein. If you pull back and no blood enters the syringe, feel free to inject the steroid by pushing the plunger until all of your gear has entered your chosen site.

You’re not done quite yet, but you’re close! Next, you want to leave the needle in for half a minute or so, to ensure that all of the gear has left your syringe completely. You’ll then place a fresh, clean, and unsoaked cotton ball over your injection site with the needle still in your muscle. While applying light pressure to the cotton ball, pull out the needle and then gently cover the area completely with the cotton ball. Hold in place for about half a minute, and then

begin lightly massaging the muscle at the injection site for another half minute. Now you’re done!

Common Injection Sites

Deltoids – Deltoids are extremely popular as they are easily covered with a t-shirt, and they are easy to reach without needing the use of mirrors or complicated maneuvering. The lateral head, the middle of the deltoid, is the easiest place to inject and also the most common.

Glutes – The second most common, for the same reasons of extreme convenience, the glutes are also an extremely popular place to inject. They are easy coverable as well.

Quads – Easy to see, and quite a large muscle so hard to miss. Easy to cover up as well, making it our third choice for most common injection sites.

Less Common Injection Sites

Biceps – A smaller muscle, so suitable for smaller injections and can normally be a bit more painful than others.

Lats – Can take large doses, but can also be hard to get to on your own. An excellent location if you have a friend helping.

Pectorals – Considered one of the most painful spots, the pectoral is another place you can inject. The plus side is that it’s easy to access.

Triceps – Can be difficult to reach depending on your size and flexibility, though lots of people can hit it no problem. Also known to be quite a painful spot.

Hygiene Rules

  1. Make sure you keep your gear in a climate controlled, moisture free area.
  2. Wash hands before every dose — no exceptions. Ideally, you’d also be wearing gloves.
  3. Make sure you use a brand new needle for each dose — no exceptions.
  4. Make sure you sterilize your injection site prior to your injection, and use a fresh sterilized needle with each dose, and use appropriate band-aids when necessary.
  5. Dispose of your needle and syringe in a responsible manner.

Pro Tips

We highly recommend rotating your injection sites every single dose, and not use the same injection site more than once in any four week period. Doing this can prevent nerve or muscle damage, and also prevent any abscesses or lumps from forming.

While the main rules of injections should always be followed, feel free to play around with injection technique. For example, using different angles, different injection speeds, etc. will all impact how sore or not sore you are after an injection. Everyone’s different, so play around and see what works best for you.

A hot shower before your injection can help loosen you up and relax your muscles, which primes them to be ideal injection sites. It can also help reduce soreness in the future.


Injecting steroids has very obvious advantages over taking orals. You can get away with more convenient dosing schedules as with orals you’re generally taking them everyday, you can control your dosing amounts and not have to worry about breaking up half a tablet, and injecting is generally considered safer on your liver than oral steroid alternatives. Like any steroid though, it’s important to follow appropriate on-cycle and post-cycle safety protocols like supplementing with Milk Thistle and following an appropriate post-cycle therapy regimen that your cycle demands.

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